Patch Notes

Update Notice – Mobile & CK Patch Notes

System Update Notice 27/04/22 We are working on some big upcoming features, and have had to make a major system update under the hood in preparation. Our latest mobile and desktop apps may cause visual bugs to some pre-existing encounters

Mobile Patch Notes V1.7.10.12

Patch notes   UI Sounds added UI sounds are now enabled to give additional feedback to user actions in the app. Also allows changing UI sound volume in settings. Other improvements Xsolla subscribers are now prompted to modify their subscription

Creation Kit Patch Notes V1.7.9.2

New Features Screenshots of 3D Encounters Added ability to save a screenshot of a 3D render in Encounter Edit screen  Particularly useful for users wanting to add renders to VTT platforms (top downs of terrain to make maps, renders of

Mobile Patch Notes V1.7.8.10

New Features   Improved Dice Roller Reworked the dice roller, improving the interface and visuals Dice roller will now send the result to your GM via the in app messaging system Dice roller no longer restricted to users on the

Creation Kit Patch notes V1.7.7.1

New Features New Storefront Added a storefront for buying subscriptions via Xsolla, which also adds the ability to use promo codes.

Mobile Patch Notes V1.7.5.1

New Features   GM Notes Game masters in GM mode interface can now view ‘GM notes’ they have written per encounter (notes are added using the Creation Kit)   Bugs Fixed Fixed duplicate messages in GM and Player chats Fixed

Creation Kit Patch Notes V1.7.6.1

New Features   GM Notes Added GM Notes Feature. GM’s can now save a piece of text to an encounter in encounter edit screen – that they can view in player app GM Control Patch notes UI Visual overhaul. Replaced

Creation Kit Patch Notes V1.7.3.15

New Features Added ability to copy encounter to a different campaign Added ability to copy a state into another state category (View, Reveal, Resolve) Patch notes New Settings Menu

Patch Notes Version –

New Features   New Game Master Subscription! We’ve created the GM Party Subscription. In addition to all the features of a regular GM Subscription. GM’s who purchase this subscription allow their players to choose from any of our premium character

Patch Notes Version –

New Features   Spectator Mode Game Masters can enable spectator mode in the GM menu Using the spectator code, viewers can see a game session in Ardent Roleplay just like a player can. Perfect for including viewers in your Ardent