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Update Notice – Mobile & CK Patch Notes

System Update Notice 27/04/22

We are working on some big upcoming features, and have had to make a major system update under the hood in preparation. Our latest mobile and desktop apps may cause visual bugs to some pre-existing encounters when viewed in AR. These aren’t game-breaking issues but the odd model may look a little shiny, or a little flat. You can continue using your existing campaigns, but we recommend:

  • go to your Settings and Clear Cache, and
  • do a quick check of the models before your game in AR.

If you do find a strange looking model, you can simply recreate that encounter in the Creation Kit. We now have a default configuration option, so this should be much faster than before!

Any new encounters you make aren’t affected. 


Creation Kit V

Bugs Fixed

  • Various Bug Fixes

  • Fixed null error related to state text info field

Mobile V

Patch Notes

  • Catalog improvements

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixes with facebook login when opening app with no internet
  • States should no longer refresh when minimising app
  • Various other bug fixes

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