Ardent Roleplay

Ardent Roleplay

Patch Notes Version –

New Features


New Game Master Subscription!

  • We’ve created the GM Party Subscription. In addition to all the features of a regular GM Subscription. GM’s who purchase this subscription allow their players to choose from any of our premium character models for your campaigns.


New Landing Page

  • We’ve given the login screen an overhaul and a fresh paint job. Try it out now!



Patch notes:



  • Download/Unpacking Improvements
    • Fixed Crashes when unpacking many files in larger campaigns
    • Improved unpacking speed
    • Fixed file corruption errors when a download is disrupted


Main Menu

  • Added ability to edit campaign/session information from the info panel. 
    • You can now rename campaigns/sessions, modify campaign/session descriptions, and can duplicate campaigns.

Creation Kit

  • Added an information screen in campaign select
    • You can now delete and duplicate a campaign before opening it



  • Spectator Mode now has Model Flip enabled by default


Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Rotate Model applying to 3D mode
  • Fixed snapping issues when zooming in AR
  • Fixed softlock when joining a campaign without a character created

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