in Augmented Reality

Terrors untold beckon now in 3D augmented reality. Do you dare to learn more?

Chaosium are officially partnering with Ardent Roleplay, immersing you in the terror in 3D as never seen before.  Lead your player through the unknowable experiences with high definition augmented reality models of animated settings, environments, characters, NPCs, creatures and interactable objects with our mobile companion app. 

The Haunting

Free Adventure Bundle

The Haunting is a scenario for new Keepers and Investigators from Chaosium‘s free Call of Cthulhu Quick Start guide. Ardent Roleplay has an adventure bundle of augmented reality miniatures set up specifically for this scenario. It’s free, and you can find out more on our Haunting page.

Free Thematic Cards


Free Print and Play Suit

Ardent Roleplay uses thematic cards so your miniatures are exactly where you want them. Try it with the free Cthulhu and High Fantasy themed Print and Play cards. If you are playing remotely, your players will also need a set. Print them, view them on another screen with the image gallery, or get a printed set at DriveThruRPG.

View cards in image gallery

Get FREE Printable PDF

Play Face to Face or Remotely

When getting together around a table, our recommended way of playing is for everyone to have their device on a small tripod, giving individual windows onto the game world on the table. The Keeper/GM places cards to bring miniatures to the table.
If you’re playing remote, tripods are still great. Everyone needs some cards, and the GM shares which one to look at. We have a guide to remote play that talks about how to make online games as engaging as face to face.

Are you a Player or GM ?

See how Ardent Roleplay can enhance your gaming experience

Quick Start

Download and sign in/up to the App
View free cards on another screen or print them out
Hit ‘Play’ in the main menu and see amazing AR

What You'll Need

Ardent Roleplay | Encounter Cards


Ardent Roleplay cards in High Fantasy and Cthulhu. Download or view the free print and play, or purchase a deck.

Ardent Roleplay | Mobile App


The Ardent Roleplay mobile app for use by players and GMs during sessions, remote or face to face.

Ardent Roleplay | GM Creation Kit

Creation Kit

The desktop app where game masters and keepers can create their own campaigns, choosing from 100s of miniatures.

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