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Pre-made sessions of AR Encounters for specific scenarios


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AR Encounters pre-made for specific scenarios

With an Ardent Roleplay Adventure, you’ll receive augmented reality encounters – including scenery, creatures, NPCs and props – all configured for a specific adventure module and ready for tonight’s game!

The AR encounters include different states (animated changes) you can show players based on their investigations and actions during a game – using a GM control panel in the mobile app. Each AR encounter is pre-allocated to a card, ready for you to jump in and run a session.

Please Note:
For licensed products – modules of scenarios are not included and will need to be accessed separately.
For original Adventures written by Ardent Roleplay, we offer free adventure modules you can access from our website or DriveThruRPG.

We also offer free playthrough guides for all adventures.

Purchase Adventures through the mobile app

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