What Is Ardent Roleplay?

The first augmented reality app for tabletop roleplaying games, Ardent Roleplay brings virtual scenery, creature, character and prop models to your face-to-face and online games. Show each player what their character sees to deepen immersion and stop the metagaming!

Player Mode

Make and customise your animated character to display in AR where they will avoid traps, find loot, explore new settings and reveal monster encounters right in front of you!

GM Mode

Create your adventure and customise the roleplaying experience for each of your players. Choose when to show certain information, environmental elements and interactables to selected players.

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Quick Start

Download and sign in/up to the App
View free cards on another screen or print them out
Hit ‘Play’ in the main menu and see amazing AR

What You'll Need

Ardent Roleplay | Encounter Cards


Ardent Roleplay cards in High Fantasy and Cthulhu. Download or view the free print and play, or purchase a deck.

Ardent Roleplay | Mobile App


The Ardent Roleplay mobile app for use by players and GMs during sessions, remote or face to face.

Ardent Roleplay | GM Creation Kit

Creation Kit

The desktop app where game masters and keepers can create their own campaigns, choosing from 100s of miniatures.

A Whole Horde of Fantastic Features

Connected Parties

A shared adventure experience with the party's devices connected online

Individual Information

Was it only the rogue who passed their perception check on that mound of dirt? Then show the trap only to that player. The possibilities with Individual Information are endless.

Degrees of Success

Gone are the days of binary success or failure. You can offer your players both partial and full success and failure states.

Health State

See whether a character is Healthy, Injured, Critically Injured, or Dying.


See whether a character is On Fire, Charmed, Poisoned, Frozen or Confused.


Take snapshots of the action from within the app, for social sharing and to help remember what happened previously at the start of your next session.