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Use our hand-drawn thematic cards as augmented reality markers and narrative queues

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Ardent Roleplay uses thematic cards in combination with our mobile App to bring augmented reality to your tabletop RPG campaigns.

The cards funciton as AR markers so you can have control over where the AR models appear on your tabletop. The cards work as AR markers whether they are printed or viewed on another screen, which can be handy if you are playing remotely online.

As GM you can choose which AR models from our catalog you would like to allocate to individual cards, functionally creating ‘Encounters’ for your players to engage with. This is done in preparation of a session through the Ardent Roleplay Creation Kit.

As GM you can also use the Archetype icons in the bottom left of each card as narrative queues to help keep the story flowing. When you are thinking about where the story goes next, you can lay out the cards in front of you like a storyline or mix them up to randomise events.

We’ve got a few different options for getting these wonderful hand-drawn cards into your hands. You can order professionally printed physical cards through DriveThruRPG.com, with 5 High Fantasy suits and one Cthulhu mythos suit currently available, consisting of 15 cards each suit – or you can access our FREE print and play cards as printable PDFs or in a viewable image gallery.

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