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Use our wonderful hand-drawn thematic cards as augmented reality markers and narrative queues

The Ardent Roleplay augmented reality app for tabletop roleplaying games uses cards as the marker images of where to place the 3D models on your tabletop. The cards don’t just work as augmented reality markers. they are designed to help the GM keep track of what happens with their images functioning as narrative queues. When you are thinking about where the story goes next, you can lay out the cards in front of you like a storyline or mix them up to randomise events.

During your game session you can lay the cards you decided to use out in front of you or set them up in a stand behind the screen, and you’ll have quick access to all the creatures, NPCs, scenery and props you need.

We’ve got a few different options for getting these wonderful hand-drawn thematic cards into your hands. You can order physical card through with 5 premium suits available, consisting of 15 cards each, or use our freely available basic set.

Print and Play

Download a PDF of our High Fantasy and Cthulhu Print and Play suits so you can get playing with just a few pieces of paper, or use our image gallery to display the cards on your phone to get playing straight away.

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High Fantasy Themed Cards

Cthulhu Themed Cards