Ardent Roleplay
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Explore Your Character's World in Augmented Reality

Using Ardent For The First Time As Players

Free Player Features

Connected Parties

Connect with your party online and play campaigns created by your GM using a unique campaign code. Play face to face or remotely.

Character Customisation

Create and customise your characters using the 10 free character models available.

See What Your Character Sees

Explore animated AR settings with environmental effects. Interact with objects, NPCs and creatures.

Individual Information

See what the GM wants your individual character to see, and when. Did you pass that perception check?


Privately message with the GM and their various aliases.

Health State

Adjust your characters health status. View a Party Card to see whether your party's characters are High, Medium or Low HP. See their dramatic death or if they are already dead.


Viewing a Party Card, see whether any player characters are On Fire, Charmed, Poisoned, Frozen, Confused... These effects are controlled by the GM.


Take snapshots of the action from within the app, for social sharing and to help remember what happened previously at the start of your next session.

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Access All Character Models

Receive access to all AR Character model options during your subscription, with new characters released monthly

Collect AR Character Models

Keep access to all character models that released during the month in which you subscribed.

More Features Coming!

The value of your Player Subscription will only grow as more features continue to be added

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See AR models in action now!

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Select a Mini Set
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Choose 'On Screen'
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What You'll Need

Ardent Roleplay | Mobile App

Mobile App

The Ardent Roleplay mobile app for use by players and GMs during sessions, remote or face to face.

Ardent Roleplay | Encounter Cards


Ardent Roleplay cards in High Fantasy and Cthulhu. Download or view the free print and play, or purchase a deck.