FAQ – Ardent Roleplay


What does Ardent Roleplay do?

Ardent Roleplay brings augmented reality models to tabletop roleplaying games. We help game masters speed up their preparation time and create an immersive visual experience for  players. 

The Ardent Roleplay app provides high quality, dynamic miniatures and scenery right from your phone with the added benefit of visual effects and individualisation. Our digital creatures, characters, environments and props are both economical and easy to transport, resolving major aspects that have previously deterred many RPG players. 

The app also includes features designed to optimise gameplay for both Game Masters (GMs) and players, as well as encouraging roleplay and reducing metagaming. With Ardent Roleplay, time poor GMs, those new to the hobby and players on a budget can now create and experience their campaigns like never before. 

Where can I download it from? 

The Android app is available to download from Google Play

The Creation Kit is available for Windows to download from our Website.

(iOS App and Mac Creation Kit are coming soon.)

How much does the app cost?

The Ardent Roleplay app is free to download and free to play!  

Is it compatible with all RPG systems?

Yes! The Ardent Roleplay app is system agnostic which means it’s compatible with ALL RPG systems – hooray! 

How do the cards work?

The Ardent Roleplay cards work in two ways: firstly,  as the augmented reality markers and secondly, as narrative queues for the GM and players. 

As the AR markers, place the cards on your table where you want to position your animated models. Your device will recognise the card and track it’s position while the app is open – hover over, pinch zoom in and out and explore the new world that’s come to life in front of you! 

Remember where your campaign’s storyline is at by using the cards as narrative queues. Any asset can be assigned to any card, keep it simple by using related imagery connected to the encounter you’ve chosen. Linear or randomised, the power is in the GMs hands!

Can I still use my miniatures?

Of course! The app is designed to be a companion to your campaigns as well as being able to be used on its own. The markers can easily be incorporated with your already assembled models and terrain. Unlike virtual reality where you’re replacing real life, augmented reality adds to it and when you combine this with theatre of the mind, it’s the perfect mixing of mediums.

Do I need to use Ardent Roleplay for all parts of my campaign?

Ardent Roleplay lets the GM add the 3D models they want into the campaign when they want to. These include scenery, creatures, NPCs and props. It is very adaptable to the GMs wishes.  

How does Ardent Roleplay help with preparations?

One of the things we looked at is making sure that GMs and players have more time doing what they love – playing the game.  Our bundled packs help with preparations of campaigns and also keeping track of game history. 

What does purchasing an Auto-Renewable subscription provide you?

Subscriber gain access to all the content available with more being released weekly!

As a bonus, should you find yourself unable to maintain your subscription, any content released during the period you subscribed is yours to keep and use within your games. 

Is the app functional without purchasing an Auto-Renewable subscription?

Yes – the app can be used to run custom using the retained content from previous subscriptions and samplers adventures, and players can use the app to play in a game run by a game master who has a subscription, or using a free sampler session.

Is the content updated? How much content is added and how often?

Yes – New content in the form of extra 3D models is added weekly.

What happens to these features after the subscription expires?

Users will be able to continue to use content that was added during their subscription period, and free sample content.

What happens if I need help setting up?

If you need help setting up you can refer to the Creation Kit User Manual, or the How To Videos available our YouTube Channel. There is also a public Facebook Group to ask questions and connect with others that you can join as well as a subreddit.

If your problem is still not resolved, you can get in touch with us through our Help Centre or post on our Community Reddit. Complete Feedback form and we will assign you a personal tech goblin who will work with you through your issue until you are ready for your adventure!