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Free Cards

You will be using marker-based Augmented Reality using our Encounter Cards to scan & see amazing animated 3D models.

Different ways to play

with Ardent Roleplay


Mini Mode

Scan & Play

Mini Mode offers a free & simplified option to get started.

Simply load in a Mini Mode set and begin scanning cards to see amazing AR miniatures!


Preview AR now!

> Select 'Assorted High Fantasy'
> Press 'Begin'

Scan these Cards!


Encounter Mode

GM controls & Player features

Game masters can host Campaigns & Sessions that players can join.

GMs can use a control panel in the mobile app to send individual players States (animated changes) within AR encounters - in real time!

GM control panel & state changes seen as a player

Host your own Campaigns & Sessions you've created in our Creation Kit,
or host one of our pre-made Adventures.


GM Creation Kit


Ready to Play

Sessions of pre-made AR Encounters, configured to play specific Adventure modules & scenarios.

Campaigns of pre-made AR Encounters, configured to play specific Adventure modules and scenarios.

Creation Kit

Create your own

Use the Creation Kit desktop app.

Use the Creation Kit desktop app.

What do I need to start?

Mini Mode



Ardent Roleplay | Mobile App

Mobile App


Creation Kit

Play With AR Miniatures

Encounter Mode

Ready-to-Play Adventures

Create Your Own AR Encounters

Encounter Cards

Scan physical, printed cards or scan cards from a screen. We have a few options for you to get your hands on these cards!

Scan from screen

Print & Play

Need more help?

You can also join our Discord community where you are welcome to ask questions. We can even arrange you a one-on-one demo with a member of the Ardent team if you're keen!