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Marker-based AR

You will be using marker-based Augmented Reality using our Encounter Cards to scan & see amazing animated 3D models.

Different ways to play

with Ardent Roleplay


Mini Mode

Mini Mode offers a free & simplified option to get started.

Simply load in a Mini Mode set and begin scanning cards to see amazing AR miniatures!


Preview AR now!

> Select 'Assorted High Fantasy'
> Press 'Begin'

Scan these Cards!


Encounter Mode

Game masters can host Campaigns & Sessions that players can join.

GMs can use a control panel in the mobile app to send individual players States (animated changes) within AR encounters - in real time!

GM control panel & state changes seen as a player

Host your own Campaigns & Sessions you've created in our Creation Kit,
or host one of our pre-made Adventures.


GM Creation Kit


Ready to Play

Sessions of pre-made AR Encounters, configured to play specific Adventure modules & scenarios.

Campaigns of pre-made AR Encounters, configured to play specific Adventure modules and scenarios.

Creation Kit

Create your own

Use the Creation Kit desktop app.

Use the Creation Kit desktop app.

Encounter Cards

Scan physical, printed cards or scan cards from a screen. We have a few options for you to get your hands on these cards!

Scan from screen

Print & Play

Need more help?

You can also join our Discord community where you are welcome to ask questions. We can even arrange you a one-on-one demo with a member of the Ardent team if you're keen!