How to: Promo Codes

Step One - Download The Creation Kit

Applying Promo Codes in our Store is managed through the Ardent Roleplay Creation Kit. 

This is where you’ll find the different subscription types and where you’ll be able to apply your discounts.

Firstly, to download the Creation kit, simply click on either the MacOS or Windows buttons below.

Step Two - Accessing The Store

The Store button is found in the bottom right corner of the main menu of the Creation Kit.

Step Three - Select a Subscription

Here you’ll find all of the subscription types to choose from. Selecting a subscription will show the original price before any discounts.

Step Four - Apply a Promo Code

To get your discount, press the Promo Code button (Top Left) and enter your code in the pop-up box.

 All the products will now be updated with the promotional discount.

Step Five - Proceed With The Purchase

With your promo code applied, you can now continue with your selected subscription, or select another subscription and hit the Purchase button in the bottom right. You will be led through a payment process to complete your purchase.

Thanks for subscribing to Ardent Roleplay!