Ardent Roleplay

Ardent Roleplay

Mobile Patch Notes V1.7.10.12

Patch notes


UI Sounds added

  • UI sounds are now enabled to give additional feedback to user actions in the app.
  • Also allows changing UI sound volume in settings.


Other improvements

  • Xsolla subscribers are now prompted to modify their subscription via the Creation Kit.
  • Modifications to Dialogue boxes.
  • Player Hovering Names have been beautified.
  • Catalog UI updated to use current logo.


Bugs Fixed

  • Fix error occurring with Required Assets system preventing login.
  • Fix bug preventing safely exiting from Player mode from 3D mode.
  • Fix bug with Vuforia stating that two ARCameras are present.
  • Fix bug where Spectators were kicked if minimizing app.
  • Fix issue where Player would not have conversation with GM if conversation was started by sending dice roll.
  • Fix issue preventing 3D mode Available Stages buttons to appear when in landscape orientations.
  • Fix issue with gallery appearing in catalog when it shouldn’t.
  • Fix Available States Panel buttons.
  • Fix State Text popup ordering when in 3D mode.
  • Fix Dice Roller not appearing again when exiting 3D mode.
  • Fix app crash when reentering a campaign after being kicked.
  • Fix issues related to GM UI interaction during a player list refresh.
  • Fix catalog gallery images not loading.
  • Fix issues in 3D mode when receiving state updates.
  • Fix loading screen when created in landscape.
  • Fix issue where Restore Purchases button was not appearing.
  • Fix issue allowing tutorial to be pressed when loading into Player/GM UI.

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