Ardent Roleplay

Ardent Roleplay

Patch Notes Version –

New Features


Spectator Mode

  • Game Masters can enable spectator mode in the GM menu
    • Using the spectator code, viewers can see a game session in Ardent Roleplay just like a player can. Perfect for including viewers in your Ardent Roleplay experience.


In Game Catalogue

  •  You can now peruse our catalogue of models from within the shop to see what Ardent Roleplay subscriptions give you


Tutorials Re-Worked

  •  We’ve overhauled most of our tutorial interfaces to make understanding Ardent Roleplay easier


Patch notes



  •  Simplified Login Menu
  •  Added Account Settings menu
    •  You can now view account information from the main menu
  • Character window now shows characters better
  •  Simplified character edit screen so skin tone sliders are in the same spot as preset tones
  •  Closing most windows should now be consistent



  •  Revamped Card AR history window
  •  Improved menu to make buttons clearer in functionality
  •  3D mode shows the name for the current state
  •  3D mode can now return to available states menu instead of closing
  •  Added option to flip marker 90 degrees when looking at markers on a vertical surface



  •  Spectator Mode Added
  •  Players display names will be shown next to their characters names


Bugs Fixed

  •  Fixed messaging alert not coming up on menu when receiving a message
  •  Campaign info panel now correctly shows both campaign and session summaries
  •  Fix for memory leak in main menu due to characters not cleaning up
  •  Incrementally improved UI and visuals

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