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Ardent Roleplay brings augmented reality scenery, creatures, and characters to the table for tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, etc, and can be used in a mix with physical miniatures as well. We believe that this will allow RPGs to grow player numbers, by appealing to an audience for whom theatre of the mind needs some scaffolding, and who expect more technology in games. 

More importantly however, Ardent Roleplay allows the gamemaster to individualise the information shown to different players. This allows players to be more selective with what they share with the other players, who haven’t overheard the GM’s reveals. This brings more roleplay, and the possibility of intrigue, into the game, which also increases immersion in the game world.


Ardent Roleplay is a mobile app designed and developed in Brisbane, Australia. The idea came to light in 2014 by two students and their lecturer at SAE, they saw an opportunity to combine their interest for tabletop RPGs with the emerging technology of augmented reality. Ralf, the lecturer formed a company and decided to take Ardent Roleplay to market working with the students, Jacob and Soren.  Today the Ardent Roleplay product team consists of more than fifteen staff who share the same passion of creating something new to bring to the world of tabletop gaming. 


  • Connected Parties
  • Health State
  • Degrees of Success
  • Atmospheric Audio
  • State Conditions
  • Individual Player Information
  • Initiative Tracking
  • Loot Tracking
  • Adventure Log



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