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What are Adventures in Ardent Roleplay?

Ready to Play AR Encounters for specific scenarios

With an Ardent Roleplay adventure, you receive augmented reality encounterss – from scenery, creatures, NPCs to props – all preconfigured for specific adventure modules – ready to play!

The AR miniature encounters are already set up with different states to show players based on their investigations and actions during a game – and all are allocated to encounter cards – ready to go.

Adventures offer GMs the opportunity to jump into a session using augmented reality encounters without having to use the Ardent Roleplay Creation Kit to configure AR encounters yourself. 

If you are a time-poor GM, or a new GM still learning the ropes – Adventures are for you!

How to access Adventures in the Ardent Roleplay App


Download Ardent Roleplay
mobile App

The first thing you’ll need is to have downloaded the Ardent Roleplay mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Created an account, and sign in.


Go to the Store


From the Main Menu > Go to our Store > Browse the Adventures available to purchase

Press listings to view details

Press ‘Purchase’ when you are ready to purchase


Press 'Host'


Your purchased Adventure is now pre-loaded and ready to ‘Host’ and play!


How do your Players join your Campaign?


Go to the burger menu in the top left of your screen. Share the Campaign Code with your players.

What are Sparks?

Sparks are our in-app currency.

You can purchase them from our 'Store' in the Ardent Roleplay mobile app - and use them to purchase Adventures. Some adventures are also FREE!

Playthrough Guides & Modules

There are free playthrough guides for all Ardent Roleplay Adventures that take you through how to run the session using AR encounters. These PDFs also include printable cards. You can find links to these guides in the store listing information in the app, on our website (Adventure listings in our Catalog), or on DriveThruRPG.

For our original D&D 5E adventures we offer free adventure modules, that also include information on how to play with Ardent Roleplay and printable cards. You can find links to these guides in the store listing information in the app, on our website (Adventure listings in our Catalog), or on DriveThruRPG.

These products DO NOT include the original licensed modules on which our Adventure products are based – you will have to access these separately. We have links in the store listings, on our website, and in the playthrough guides – on how to access these modules from our partners.

How to Play a game with AR Encounters


After you have purchased an Adventure in the Ardent Roleplay App – you will need the following in preparation for your game:

Playthrough Guide
& Module

Encounter Cards

VTT Assets

(optional for those playing remotely online)

Getting players to Join your game

Once you’ve pressed ‘Host’ you will be brought to the GM Control Screen.

Go to the burger menu in the top left corner to find your Campaign Code and share this to your players.

Your players will have had downloaded the Ardent Roleplay mobile app, signed in and have created a character. They will use your Campaign Code to join your game.

Once players have joined, you will see their names in your players list and you are ready to go!

Showing your players AR encounters

Once you have press ‘Host’ you will be taken to the GM control screen. This is where you can send your players updates within the AR encounter models – live during a game. To do this, follow the steps below.

Get your players to scan the relevant encounter card to see the AR

The Adventure playthrough tells you which cards are used. However, you can also see this in your GM control screen (look to the card icon in the bottom right of the screen).

GM Notes

In the bottom right of the GM control screen in the Ardent Roleplay App, you’ll see this icon.

Press this icon after selecting any Encounter in the session and you will see some helpful notes for that Encounter including:

  • Reminders of important plot hooks and elements within an encounter
  • Information about roll checks
  • When to present additional AR Encounters to your players
  • NPC and creature stat blocks

Playing Remotely

Have your players scan digital images of cards on a screen instead of physical cards. You can have them access an image gallery here: https://ardentroleplay.com/pnp/ 

Use our free VTT assets you can download and use to help facilitate online play (can include: card images, maps, handouts, tokens). You can find links to VTT assets within Playthrough Guides or on Adventure listing pages from our website Catalog.

Need more help getting started?

Join our Discord community and get in touch with a member of the Ardent Roleplay team. We will be happy to help!

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