The Necropolis

Augmented Reality Encounters
For a Call of Cthulhu Adventure

The Necropolis

Game System

Call of Cthulhu (7th Edition)



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Uncover Terrifying Secrets
in the Sands of Egypt...

What ancient horrors lie slumbering in a newly discovered tomb deep in Egypt's Valley of the Kings? Are you allowing local superstitions and the unfortunate events surrounding the opening of Tutankhamen's tomb to play on your mind as you wait to step down into the darkness…

Investigators are sealed inside the entrance to a mysterious tomb in the famed Valley of the Kings. They need to find a way to escape while investigating sinister forces and avoiding death at the hands of the Abomination!

The Necropolis is a one-shot adventure from Chaosium’s ‘Gateways to Terror’ module which contains three short-play scenarios for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. You can purchase the adventure module from Chaosium’s website.


Call of Cthulhu is the Registered Trademark of Chaosium Inc., and is used with permission. www.chaosium.com

Author of original Adventure Module

Leigh Carr

What you get in an Ardent Roleplay Adventure

This Ardent Roleplay Adventure includes a pre-made Campaign within the mobile app that includes one Session of 12 Augmented Reality (AR) Encounters. These are presented as AR 3D models on players' devices when they scan certain Encounter cards. Within each of these AR Encounters there are a varying number of prepared 'States' the GM can send to players during a game - allowing the GM to reveal new elements or information within the AR model in real time.

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Accessing the Adventure in Ardent Roleplay

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Once you’ve pressed ‘Host’ you will be brought to the GM Control Screen.

Go to the burger menu in the top left corner to find your Campaign Code and share this to your players.

Your players will have had downloaded the Ardent Roleplay mobile app, signed in and have created a character. They will use your Campaign Code to join your game.

Once players have joined, you will see their names in your players list and you are ready to go!

Send Players Encounters and States in the GM Control Screen. Select an Encounter >  select a State (categorised as Approach, View, Reveal, Resolve) > select (checkbox) which players you want to see this in AR, or ‘Send to All’. When players scan the card, they will now see what you sent them and see any further state changes you send to them in real time.

Get your Players to scan the relevant Encounter Card to see the AR. The Adventure playthrough guide tells you which cards are used, and you can also see this in your GM control screen (look to the card icon in the bottom right of the screen).

Have your players scan digital images of cards on a screen instead of physical cards. You can have them access an image gallery here: https://ardentroleplay.com/pnp/ 

Use our free VTT assets you can download and use to help facilitate online play (can include: maps, handouts, tokens).

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AR Encounters pre-made for specific scenarios

With an Ardent Roleplay Adventure, you’ll receive augmented reality encounters – including scenery, creatures, NPCs and props – all configured for a specific adventure module and ready for tonight’s game!

The AR encounters include different states you can show players based on their investigations and actions during a game. Each AR encounter is pre-allocated to a card, ready for you to jump in and run a session.

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