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Using Party Cards

How to use Party Cards

in Ardent Roleplay

Scan party cards with the AR mobile app to see your party's current condition during a game.

Please note: Party Cards are a feature of Ardent Roleplay's Encounter Mode. If you are using Mini Mode, party cards do not function - since you do not create characters or join hosted sessions to use Mini Mode.

Please note: Party Cards are a feature of Ardent Roleplay's Encounter Mode.

What are Party Cards?

For each themed card suit, there is one landscape card with an illustration showing a party of characters. These are Party Cards.

Scan these cards to see your party and your character in AR.

Any party card you scan will always automatically show your party and/or your character. Each card suit includes one party card – including our FREE print and play cards.

Creating your Character & Joining the party

Your character will only show on a Party Card once you have joined your GM’s Campaign using a Campaign Code.

You will need to select a character to join with. If you haven’t created a character yet in the Ardent Roleplay app, you will be prompted to do so.

Any Player that successfully joins with the Campaign Code will then have their character model show in AR on any party card that is scanned.

See your Party's Condition

Show just your character or the whole party

Go to the burger menu button on the bottom right of the screen. You can then press the ‘Party Toggle’ button to switch between the Party Cards showing just your Character, or the whole party (for your own device only).

Share your Health Status

You can change your character’s health status during a game, which will be shown through your character’s animations in AR.

To do this, head to the burger menu button in the bottom right of your screen.

Press the ‘Character Health’ button. This will add UI to your player screen that allows you to set your current health status from: High HP, Medium HP, Low HP, Death, Dead. 

See Current Status Effects

By viewing the Party card, players will see if any party member is under a Status Effect such as; On Fire, Charmed, Confused, Frozen, or Poisoned. These effects are controlled by the GM.

Game Benefits & Setup

There are some neat benefits Party Cards bring to your tabletop roleplaying games – such as allowing for more immersive roleplay by being able to see the status of other party members without having to break character and ask.

Saying this, playing with Party Cards is an optional experience in Ardent Roleplay. Your GM can still run a game using AR encounters without having players engage with Party cards.

If you are wanting to use Party Cards in a session, it is recommended that each player has access to their own Party Card. If your GM has a full deck of High Fantasy cards, they can provide them to players. If you need to source your own Party Card, you can access a High Fantasy or Cthulhu Mythos themed Party Card from our FREE print and play cards.


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