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Call of Cthulhu Adventures

In partnership with the fearsome folks at Chaosium Inc., Ardent Roleplay is excited to announce our AR minis for classic Call of Cthulhu Adventures.

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The Haunting

Send your Investigators into the possessed Corbitt House and expel the hideous presence within, in The Haunting.

A classic Call of Cthulhu Adventure now enhanced with Ardent Roleplay’s AR minis, scenery, and props.

The Necropolis

Uncover untold ancient horrors left to slumber for centuries in a newly discovered tomb, deep in the sands of the Valley of the Kings.

The Necropolis from Gateways to Terror is a short-play scenario designed to fit into any Call of Cthulhu 7th edition campaign - now featuring new expressive AR terrain, character models, and monsters.

Inside each Adventure you’ll uncover:

*For third party and licensed adventures, the original adventure module will need to be purchased separately.


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