Ocean Pack 2

Bottom Deck

In the Bottom Deck, cutthroats and pirate sailors all abound and are not without a touch of fire in their blood. The cargo hold had the treasures you might be searching for or otherwise the first mate’s cabin could be where the gold is hidden. Who is to say – after all anything is possible. The only question is, how do you want to play?

  • Locations: Ship, Cargo Hold (Kitchen), Crew’s Cabin, Passangers Cabin, Forward Cargo Hold, Main Hold(Dining area)
  • Interactables: Pirate Treasure Pile, Rat Infestation, Descending hatch, Crates and Barrels, Cooking Contraption, Loose Floorboard, Gunpowder Barrel, Leak, Rising Water (Cargo Hold),
  • NPCs: Cook (Female Devilkin), Pirate Crew (Male Human, Female Dwarf) Creatures: Stowaway Wererat (Wererat Boss, Wererat Grunt)