Ocean Pack 1

Top Deck

The sea is windswept, and storm-wracked sailors are guided by the mistress to doom and fortune alike. The Top Deck of the ship groans at the sight of storm clouds on the horizon as sailors eagerly await the battles to come. The mad captain tries to convince the party that going into the eye of the storm is the only way forward. What will your adventures of the high seas have in store?

  • Locations: Ship, Aft Deck, Captain’s Cabin, Fore Deck, Forward Cabin (Brig), Main Deck
  • Interactables: Captains Desk, Steering Wheel (+Missing Wheel), Stormy Weather, Lighting Strike
  • Props: Bronze Ring, Wooden Figurehead Pipe, Treasure Map, Key Ring, Large Flat Chest
  • NPCs: Captain Human, Pirates (Male Devilkin, Female Human, Male Human)
  • Creatures: Eagle