It was a blast last year and we are doing it again!

A six day tabletop RPG stream event for Jasper's Game Week 2022



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What is Jasper's Game Week?

Jasper’s Game Week is the annual charity streaming event run by Jasper’s Game Day – an American based charity that utilizes tabletop gaming to shine a light on suicide prevention and awareness. Part of this years event proceeds will go towards benefitting the American Association of Suicidology, and Beyond Blue right here in Australia.

What Are We Fundraising For?

We are fundraising for a very important cause of suicide prevention and raising awareness of mental health. The goal is to prevent suicide before it happens and not just respond to the aftermath. We want to bring the community together and show everyone that they are not alone!

You can donate during the stream using the button below!

When Will These Streams Start?

You can find all of the streaming schedules along with the Game Masters and Players over with our friends at Meeples & Dragons! Want to contribute to this fantastic fundraising event? This is how you can:
  • During each game you can use Tiltify donations to influence the game.
  • Items will be available as rewards for your donations during the event.

Where Can I Join In?

We are showcasing three games each day of amazing local streamers, podcasters, and creators in the community. All of the Australian games will be live streamed the Ardent Roleplay Twitch channel.