Augmented Reality
for Tabletop RPGs

Dungeon Crate members!

Preview AR models using a Spectator Code & scanning your cards with the Ardent Roleplay mobile app.

You can also assign and customise any AR model from our catalog to your cards for your own campaigns - using our Creation Kit!

We’ve prepared some AR models you can preview on your cards using the Spectator Mode!

1. Download and sign in/up to the Ardent Roleplay App.

2. Go to ‘Spectator’ (bottom right, Main Menu) and enter the Spectator Code for the relevant month > Join.

January = 9076464
February = 4347632
March = 2716056
April = 8290554

3. Scan the cards you received in your crate and see amazing AR encounters! You can use these models while playing the corresponding month’s crate adventure module.

Rotate your view
Your model may show sideways (Spectator mode is often used for screen, online play). To rotate your view for tabletop play – go to the menu button (bottom right) and select ‘Rotate Model’.