Core Pack 1

High Fantasy Core

This pack is the first of our adventures for the Core Packs of Ardent Roleplay. The adventurer finds fights, dangers and mysteries to engage with as they add something new with AR in this first Ardent Roleplay adventure. There is an established encounter roster to start play. Pathways, stages and graveyards are also open to explore and adapt as the Game Master sees fit.

  • Locations: Graveyard, Crypt Entrance/Ruin, Crypt Interior Room 1, Crypt Interior Room 2, Rural hut, Pathway
  • Interactables: Pit trap, Footprints, Dead body,
  • Props: Coin, Chest, Book, Backpack, Puzzle box, Magical altar, Magic pouch, Key, Dead body, Pit trap
  • Creatures: Chest Mimic
  • NPCs: Grave Keeper Dwarf