Want to set your players' world on fire?

The town’s on fire.

Screams smother your ears as surely as the smoke does your lungs. But you are the only group nearby with the means to save these people.

What do you do?

Our Streets pack contains all the augmented reality miniatures you need to run your own adventures in a medieval fantasy town. All you need is our pack, our creation kit, and little passion for fire!

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Ardent Roleplay: Streets Pack

Wow your party with our
Streets pack

The Streets of the city are before you, buildings and pathways shine with the gleam of an ordered city. Its guards are watchful of crime and trespass. The party, however, always has plans of their own and who are they to say any different?

  • Locations: Dead end, Straight, Turn, T-Intersection, Crossing
  • Props: Quest Board, Sewer Entrance, Street Lantern, Toxic Barrel, Blood Trail
  • NPCs: Guard 1 and Civilian
  • Creatures: Vampire


You've got your pack, you've got the creation kit, what's next?

Now that you’ve got your miniatures, load them into your Creation Kit, assign some States, and dive into your party’s next thrilling campaign.

Oh, what’s a State, you ask?

States are one of our favourite features of the Ardent Roleplay Creation Kit, and an awesome way to really crank up the immersion of your tabletop RPG sessions.


By assigning States to your AR miniatures inside the Creation Kit, you can change how the players see them in real time. Whether they’ve uncovered a subtle clue or lit the whole town on fire, there’s a State for that!

States are what level up the Ardent experience from looking at some neat 3D minis, to really experiencing your campaigns.

Intrigued? GM Clint has all the detail.

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