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Navigating Your Player Interface

Features & Functions

and where to find them

This article gives you a rundown on how to navigate the UI and buttons on your player interface in the Ardent Roleplay mobile app.

What is the player interface?

In the mobile app, the player interface appears as an overlay for your device's camera. While in this screen, you will scan Encounter Cards at the direction of your GM to see AR models appear.

In Encounter Mode The GM has control of what AR Encounter appears on the card and when state changes within those encounters are shown to individual players.


Main Buttons



Take a screenshot of your screen. Capture a memorable moment or take images to remind yourself of what happened last session.


Card AR History

See all previous state changes sent to you by your GM for the last Encounter Card you scanned.


3D View

See an alternative 3D view of the AR model that you can rotate and zoom.


State Text

Any State change your GM sends you with State Text attached will show up here. You will know there is something new to read when you see a red exclamation mark - press the button to read the text.

burger menu

Additional Options

This is a burger menu button that opens up more options. The next section will run you through what these options are.

Additional Options & Features

burger menu

This section runs you through the additional options and features accessed by pressing the burger menu button.


Help / Tutorial

This will take you through a rundown of what each button in the player interface does (similar to the information in this article!).


Dice Roller

This toggles on/off the Dice Roller feature - that when toggled on, will show up in the top right of your player screen.


Required Cards

See which Encounter Cards your GM will want you to use this session. Handy if you are supplying your own cards.


Party Toggle

Toggle between seeing the whole party or just your own character when you scan a Party Card.


Rotate Model

This rotates the plane on which AR models will show on a card. This is particularly useful if you are playing remotely online and are scanning card images off a vertical screen.


Character Health

Update your character's health status - this change can be seen in your character's animations on any Party Card.



This is where you can see and send private messages between yourself and the GM.


Audio Settings

Some AR encounters may have ambience sound. Use this button to change audio settings.



Press this to exit back to main menu.

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