Ardent Roleplay

Ardent Roleplay

Creation Kit is now live on Windows!

We are excited to announce that Ardent Roleplay Creation Kit is now live on Windows. It will be available very soon on Mac (currently in the review process).  We will update you as soon as we hear.

The Creation Kit allows GMs to put together the scenery, creatures, non-player characters, and props they need to run sessions in their campaigns using our 3D models.

This completes the Ardent Roleplay suite, together with the Ardent Roleplay mobile app for use during the sessions which allows players to see the augmented reality models on the table, and with which the GMs control which player sees what, and when.

What does Ardent Roleplay provide to GMs?

  • Individualised views for players
  • Adding extra explanatory text to what players see
  • Animated models to enhance your campaigns

What does Ardent Roleplay provide to Players?

  • Sharing the health levels of their characters
  • Take screenshots of the action
  • 3D mode to explore the world from different angles

Seeing what your character sees in AR Mode

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