Ardent Roleplay

Ardent Roleplay

A New Way to Play with Ardent Roleplay

Ardent Roleplay brings augmented reality scenery, creatures, NPCs, and player characters to the table, with animations, and can be used in a mix with physical miniatures as well. More importantly however, Ardent Roleplay allows the GM to individualise the information shown to different players. This addresses the fundamentally broken part of role playing games, where a player doesn’t need to role play their character sharing information that the other players already overheard the GM reveal on a successful roll, and it allows players to be more selective with what they share to the rest of the party. Increased role play increases immersion in the game world, and we think that that means more fun for everyone, GM included.
Approaching the Bandit Camp
Approaching the Bandit Camp
Practically there is a creation kit application where the GM prepares for a session, selecting 3D models for 
  • the approach to a scene, giving players an optional high level view for atmosphere, overview, and context
  • the view, where players can explore before rolling for more information
  • individually assignable reveals based on players’ rolls,
  • and resolve states based on the actions players take, and their levels of success.
During a game the GM hosts a session from their phone, and players join from their phones. The GM can then select who sees what, and places down custom cards on the table that act as AR markers for the players’ devices, so that everyone sees the augmented reality models in the same place, aligned to the same direction. 
Dragon standing in Stone Circle
Dragon standing in Stone Circle
The creation kit and app will be free, with some sample content, and you will be able to purchase 3D asset packs, just as you might buy physical miniatures and scenery in traditional miniatures driven RPGs — but at a fraction of the price. Other functionality will include a log that allows everyone to look over the history of your campaign, with screenshots from play; seeing health and effect status of the party; loot management and allocation; an in-app messaging system for other discreet GM to player and player to player information sharing; and a few more treats we’re working on. To stay up to date, make sure you sign up to our mailing list to get our latest news direct to you inbox. Also, follow our Facebook page where we’ll post more demos and concept art.

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