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Using the Ardent Roleplay Deck

What is the Ardent Roleplay Deck?
Some of you keen-eyed observers might have noticed that in some of our previous posts we have been using Tarot Cards for our AR Markers. This is because we have been developing a deck of our own, designed to be used in conjunction with the Ardent Roleplay App.

We intend to provide game masters with a set of quality and thematic Tarot inspired cards that can be used as a marker within their campaigns.

Designing an RPG session tends to revolve around the different encounters that players will face, whether they are engaging with an NPC, exploring where to go next, working their way through some skill checks, or facing creatures or other enemies in combat.

The Ardent Roleplay Deck doesn’t just work as the Augmented Reality markers but is designed to help remind the GM what is happening next, with the images functioning as narrative queues. The visuals represent these different types of interactions, for example:

So when you are thinking about where the story goes next,  you can lay out the deck in front of you like a storyline. If you’re not sure what to do next, you can shuffle and draw a card and build on that.

Once you have the cards, select the 3D assets from your library that you are going to use, and link them to the cards. On the night you can lay the cards you decided to use out in front of you or set them up in a stand behind the screen, and you’ll have quick access to all the scenery and props you need.

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