Ardent Roleplay

Ardent Roleplay

Augmented Reality makes bringing water to the RPG table much easier!

Water-based interactions have always been one of the most awkward and frustrating things to try and facilitate as a GM. Whether it’s complicated ship to ship encounters or underwater escapades, it’s never as straightforward as arranging a gnoll ambush on a secluded road.

Augmented Reality makes bringing water to the table much easier, and one of the first 3D model asset packs that will be available at launch of Ardent Roleplay is The Ships.

Traditional options are limited, ranging from the simple printed map to the more expensive and bulky modular constructed ship, which you can spend countless hours building and painting. The constructed ship also requires time in-game, disassembling and reassembling as your players explore – or, worse, decide to play a practical joke on the Game Master by having their character run up and down the stairs between decks over and over again… (Rocks fall, everyone dies. Must have been dropped by a dragon flying overhead…)

With Ardent Roleplay, showing the ship or different cabins and deck levels is just a matter of placing different cards down, and seeing a wider shot of the ocean really makes that initial approach, and the threats of the sea, much more real. Have a look at a few sneak preview photos of the Ships pack that will help your high seas adventure come to life…

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