Print and Play Cards

Printed sets of the Ardent Roleplay cards are available for purchase online at DriveThruRPG. You can also get started with the Print and Play cards. We recommend you print them at 100% on card stock, or glue the printout onto card stock before cutting them out. The cards will also work if printed in black & white rather than colour. You can download your free US Letter or A4 PDFs of the cards here. We have a High Fantasy and Cthulhu mythos version.

Print and Fold Origami Phone Stand

A little something to add your table – we’ve made fantasy themed templates, based on Wellington Oliveira’s origami phone stands, that you can download to print, fold and use.

Wellington Oliveira’s work is amazing, and his video is the best guide on how to fold them. If you do make the small indentation as per the video that allows for folding the stand, we recommend you cut the marked edge on our template on that side, but simply fold the other side for increased stability. You may also want to apply a little glue (sorry origami purists 🙂) underneath once they’re folded.

Ardent Roleplay Wallpapers