Dungeon Pack 2


Turning Corridors and ancient rubble litter the dungeons of the old world that are now lost to time. Traps and dangers lurk around every corner, and only the best adventurers can avoid them so that they might find the prize at the end of the maze. Are you ready to challenge your players with mind-bending labyrinths and dark creatures inside the dungeons of high fantasy? Only one way to find out.

  • Locations: Dead end Straight, Turn, T-Intersection, Crossing
  • Interactables: Scythe Trap, Pressure Plate, Wall Mounted Torch
  • Props: Human skull, Doorway Blade Trap, Hidden Doorway, Spiked Pittrap.
  • NPCs: Halfling Adventurer, Female Tiefling Adventurer
  • Creatures: Basic Skeleton (Spear, Bow)