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Find what content you can add to your Ardent Roleplay experience below. Check back regularly as we are always adding new content to the App.

Content Packs

Core Pack

This pack is the first of our adventures for the Core Packs of Ardent Roleplay. The adventurer finds fights, dangers and mysteries to engage with as they add something new with AR in this first Ardent Roleplay adventure. There is an established encounter roster to start play. Pathways, stages and graveyards are also open to explore and adapt as the Game Master sees fit.

City Pack 1

The High Street has shop fronts and townhouses, hosting the citizens and adventures of a city! You might encounter shop clerks and honest men of trade who, should you be so inclined, might simply take what they have to offer instead of pay for it. After all, they can't stop you anyway. Only your party can decide the path it will take through the game and the adventure which has just begun.

City Pack 2

The Streets of the city are before you, buildings and pathways shine with the gleam of an ordered city. Its guards are watchful of crime and trespass. The party, however, always has plans of their own and who are they to say any different?

Dungeon Pack 1

The Denizens of the vaults, jailers chambers, the undead and more are the creatures and terrors found in the mad dungeons of any fantasy world. The dungeon entrance awaits for you to build new encounters and challenge yourself against skeletal guards and foul necromancers who have taken these underground troves for themselves.

Dungeon Pack 2

Turning Corridors and ancient rubble litter the dungeons of the old world that are now lost to time. Traps and dangers lurk around every corner, and only the best adventurers can avoid them so that they might find the prize at the end of the maze. Are you ready to challenge your players with mind-bending labyrinths and dark creatures inside the dungeons of high fantasy? Only one way to find out.

Creature Pack 1 - Dragons

Dragons are the most magical creatures in high fantasy who are possessed with great intelligence and magical power. Their hides are as hard as steel and with a fearsome strength to match it. Dragons are the ultimate test for an adventuring party to face, and often the final test for them to overcome in a tabletop adventure. Is your party ready?

Ocean Pack 1

The sea is windswept, and storm-wracked sailors are guided by the mistress to doom and fortune alike. The Top Deck of the ship groans at the sight of storm clouds on the horizon as sailors eagerly await the battles to come. The mad captain tries to convince the party that going into the eye of the storm is the only way forward. What will your adventures of the high seas have in store?

Ocean Pack 2

In the Bottom Deck, cutthroats and pirate sailors all abound and are not without a touch of fire in their blood. The cargo hold had the treasures you might be searching for or otherwise the first mate's cabin could be where the gold is hidden. Who is to say - after all anything is possible. The only question is, how do you want to play?

Ocean Add-on 1

The sea is home to much more than serpents and creatures of the deep. Races live and carve out their great underwater empires that span the depths beneath the waves. Experienced sailors know well where not to travel. The shallow reefs and sand bars mark the start of these treacherous seas and to disobey them is to awaken in the night with a knife to your throat... The sea elves are waiting and they will be watching.

Wilderness Add-on 1

The Stone Guardian was built long ago by ancient hands, crafted from the living stone or given life by the magic of craftsmen and women from civilisations long forgotten. These guardians are given one sacred duty – to protect and occasionally destroy all enemies in defence of their master’s home. If their master died before they were given new orders then they shall remain eternal and faithful in their purpose. Such is the way of the Golem of the Stone Guardian.

Wilderness Pack 1

Bandits of the boundless, lawless lands of the world are always a thorn in the side of the just and the pure. Everyone fears the outlaws, barbarians and raiders of those wild lands. Your party, however has that wilderness adventure in the palm of your hand and with luck can overcome the warlord and free the lands around them from their reach. Happy hunting.

Wilderness Pack 2

The Wild Trails are not safe. There are more than just bandits in these woods, and the promise of a good fight is enough to keep any adventurer on their toes. Hopefully they are not claimed by a bear trap just yet. Navigate your way through the pathways of the wilderness and find an adventure on your travels. Where you will end up is entirely up to you.

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