City Pack 1

High Street

The High Street has shop fronts and townhouses, hosting the citizens and adventures of a city! You might encounter shop clerks and honest men of trade who, should you be so inclined, might simply take what they have to offer instead of pay for it. After all, they can’t stop you anyway. Only your party can decide the path it will take through the game and the adventure which has just begun.

  • Locations: Alchemist Shop ground floor, Alchemist Shop first floor, Townhouse ground floor, Townhouse first-floor
  • Interactables: Trapdoor Props: Alchemist Bottle Trap, Alchemist Jar Trap, Amulet, Folded Letter, Order Bags, Trunk, Wall Safe, Small Desk
  • NPCs: Shop Clerk (Alchemy shop), Adventurer (Retired)
  • Creatures: Imp